Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Accent Lamp   Portable lamp that usually has a shade from 9" to 14" wide and height no taller than 24".

Adjustable Lamp   Portable lamp that has an adjustable height or width or shade position.

Bankers Lamp Portable desk lamp with an oblong shade that is usually adjustable.

Base Stabilizing body of a lamp constructed from various materials such as metal, brass, porcelain, resin or wood.

Beveled Glass Clear glass, with edges that have been ground and polished to an angle other than 90 degrees.

Billiard or Oblong Pendant Rectangular or oval shaped shade that is typically suited for suspension over a billiard table, kitchen island or counter.

Bridge Arm Lamp Table or floor lamp with an arm supporting a single shade.

Buffet Lamp Portable lamp, usually tall and slender and suitable for use on a buffet, with height generally no taller that 36".

Canopy The part of a fixture that mounts to the ceiling or wall and covers the junction box to which the fixture attaches.

Cathedral Glass   Transparent single color sheet glass, with smooth or textured surfaces.

Chandelier Surface mounted ceiling fixture with lighted arms.

Copper foil Narrow strips of copper tape used to wrap the edges of glass pieces that have been cut to fit a pattern. When wrapped, solder is applied, bonding the glass pieces together.

Desk Lamp   Portable lamp, usually with a downward task light.

Etched Glass The use of hydrofluoric acid or sand blasting to create a matte finish or a specific design on glass.

Fan Light  A glass shade that can be used on a ceiling fan.

Finial Decorative detail on the top of a lamp or the very bottom of a chandelier.

Finish The decorative color of hardware achieved by painting or plating base or fixture materials.

Fireplace Screen  Decorative screen that covers the opening of a fireplace while not in use.

Fire screen Functional fireproof screen that covers the opening of a fireplace while in use.

Fixture Complete lighting unit usually consisting of socket, housing, shade, and connection to electrical power.

Floor Lamp   Portable lamp with a shade that directs light downward and a height usually taller than 48".

Flush mount Surface mounted ceiling fixture with three inches or less between the shade and the ceiling.

Glass Jewel   Piece of hot glass that is press-molded into a jewel like shape.

Glue Chip Glass   Texture created on the surface of glass by applying hot glue, which after drying contracts and chips the glass surface resulting in a natural pattern, like frost on a window pane.

Granite Glass   A texture with the appearance of granite that is applied to hot glass sheets with an embossed roller.

Hand Rubbed Process of hand rubbing to achieve a desired finish.

Hardware Any component that supports the shade and or socket.

Inverted Pendant Chain hung ceiling fixture with open end of shade facing toward the ceiling.

Iridescent Glass Glass with a colorful shimmering effect created when a layer of metallic oxide is bonded to hot glass.

Island Pendant Ceiling fixture usually multi shaded, horizontally hung and generally best suited for a kitchen island or billiard table.

Jadestone Durable, compact thinly cut stone with luminous color that can be shaped and constructed with the copper foil technique.

Mica   A natural mineral bonded with shellac to create a light diffuser, usually available in Silver or Amber colors.

Micro Mini Lamp   Portable table lamp that usually has a shade 4" or smaller and height no taller than 6".

Mini Lamp   Portable table lamp that generally has a shade of 4" to 8" wide and height usually no taller than 15".

Mini Pendant   Surface mounted one light fixture consisting of a single pole or chain, extending from the ceiling canopy with shade no larger than 10" in diameter.

Mini Window   Lighted miniature tabletop glass window suspended from a frame.

Night Light   Small portable light that plugs directly into an electrical outlet.

Opalescent Glass   Glass that incorporates white, or opal glass, into the color mix.

Patina   Coloration of metal finish due to aging or from a solution applied to metal to change its color.

Pendalog   Element that hangs from a shade, base or hardware, usually crystal but can be made of various materials.

Pendant   Ceiling fixture that usually features a shade larger than 10" in diameter. suspended by a single pole or chain extending from the ceiling canopy.

Reverse Painted Glass   Paints are applied to the underside of glass, starting with the foreground and ending with the background.

Ripple Glass   Texture that has the appearance of ripples that is applied to hot glass sheets with an embossed roller.

Sconce   Typically, a one or two light fixture surface mounted to a wall.

Sculpture   A lighted or unlighted decorative tabletop accessory.

Seedy Glass   Glass which contains trapped air bubbles, created with air or gas injected into the molten glass, prior to forming the sheet.

Semi Flush   Surface mounted ceiling fixture with three inches or more between the shade and the ceiling.

Shower   Fixture with a ceiling pan that usually suspends 3 or more pendants.

Stained or Art Glass   Colored glass.

Swag   Pendant or chandelier with chain and wire that can drape across a ceiling to reach a hard mounted electrical box or plug into an electrical outlet

Table Lamp   Portable lamp usually with a shade having a 14”width or larger.

Tiffany   A - Style referring to Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Victorian or scenes of nature. B - The copper foil technique of stained glass assembly. C - Opalescent glass invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933, son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, an American jeweler.

Torchiere   Portable floor lamp with a shade that directs light upward.

Translucent Glass   Glass that allows light transmission while diffusing. Objects cannot be seen clearly through this glass.

Turtleback   Molded glass tiles that are usually irregular in shape and thickness.

Vanity   Surface mounted wall fixture with three or more lights, usually used in the bathroom.

Washed   Process of lightly applying an accent finish by hand.

Wispy Glass   Mixed opalescent glass with thin wisps of white or clear glass.